Equatorpictures produces, post-produces, and co-produces documentary and reportage films.

Equatorpictures helps you to build a story for a film (short & full length) in the section of documentary and reportage.

Equatorpictures connects you to photographers, journalists, directors, producers, and distributors, which operate internationally.

Equatorpictures offers lectures in private and public institutions about a variety of subject from the making of documentary to challenges in the developing world.

Equatorpictures offers archive-material from numerous countries that the filmmakers traveled to and realized their projects.

Equatorpictures is always interested in the visual realization of great stories that need to be told.

Technical Services

Equatorpictures offers camera-teams for Set-Visits, and Press-Junkets (Interview Sessions with numerous TV-Teams).

Equatorpictures encodes material for internet, and all other formats: Real, Quick-Time, Windows Media Player, and many more.

Equatorpictures produces copies of Beta SP, and Digi Beta.

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